Lesson Expectations

Lesson Structure

I will organize the lesson to cover technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, and repertoire. Students will have practice assignments in each of these categories. I and the student will write notes and assignments in the student’s notebook throughout the lesson.

As a classically trained musician and pedagogue, my specialty lies in the classical piano repertoire. This will be the focus of the lesson. Interest in popular genres can be explored in moderation with prior discussion and planning, in forms such as sight reading or ear pieces. Parents and students are welcome to bring suggestions or ideas to the lesson, but I reserve the right to decline such suggestions if they are outside of the scope of lesson goals or do not meet the appropriate difficulty level for the student.

Student Expectations

Students should come to lessons on time, ready to listen and learn, with all of their lesson materials. Lessons may need to end early if the student does not have the music and materials necessary to have a productive learning experience. Lessons may also end early if students are behaving disrespectfully. Hands are to be cleaned and fingernails kept short for each lesson.

Students are expected to practice six days a week, using their notebooks and/or practice charts as daily reminders of their assignments. Every item assigned in the lesson should be practiced every day. (A piano lesson on its own does not count as a practice day.) We will discuss in lessons various practice strategies and practice session lengths to ensure the best success of the student.

If students come unprepared to lessons two weeks in a row, parents will be notified. If consistently unprepared for a month, students will be put on probation for a week to ensure they are prepared to continue with the practice requirements we have discussed. Tuition for the missed lesson will not be refunded. If, after the probationary period, students are still not meeting lesson requirements, their time slot may be given to another student.

Students should be practicing for at least the length of their lesson every day. I generally recommend 30 minute lessons for beginners, 45 minute lessons for intermediate students, and 1 hour lessons for advanced students. Competitive students should be practicing at least twice the length of their lesson every day.

Parent/Supervisor Expectations:

Parents are a very important part of students’ success, especially beginners. Parents of students under age 9 are expected to attend every lesson and consistently help with practice sessions. Students should become increasingly self-motivated and independent as they grow older, although parents will still play a crucial role by encouraging consistent practicing. I will discuss more in detail with individual parents how they can best help their students succeed.

Lesson Reports

I believe that maintaining good communication with parents is essential for creating a positive and successful lesson environment. I will contact parents at the end of each month to report on students’ successes, areas of improvement, and other needs.