Teaching Philosophy

I hope that through my teaching I can share my deep love for music with others. Music making has had a profoundly positive impact on my life, and is a skill I know students will be able to cherish long after they finish lessons. I teach dedicated students who are ready to learn, take on new challenges, and have fun at the piano! For young beginners, I find that the ideal starting age is generally five to six years old. While this starting age is ideal, I also strongly believe that anyone who is willing to put in the time and mindful effort required can have a great experience and make substantial progress playing the piano.

Regardless of ability level, my students and I will work towards specific performance goals together, such as studio recitals, family performances, and festivals or competitions. Having goals and deadlines is a crucial source of motivation for practicing – I still need to make goals for myself! Every student is different; I love working with each individual to find methods of learning and practicing that best allow them to succeed.

To make these methods effective, I expect my students to be diligent in their practice habits and assignments. With such consistency, they will develop self-motivation and work ethic skills that will benefit them both within and outside of the realm of music.

I strive to help the development of other life-long skills by asking guided questions and giving many opportunities to experiment. Students will learn to be both artists and critical thinkers with questions such as: How can I tell this story? What emotion is being expressed? Where are my technical problems and how can I fix them?

To foster well-rounded musicianship, I spend time on sight reading, ear training, and technique before delving into repertoire. I continuously add onto students’ personal technique routines as they progress, and incorporate music theory concepts as often as possible. I also make sure to give clear and specific ways to practice skills while at home.

My method centres around helping my students make and accomplish goals that they can learn from, be proud of, and enjoy for years to come. Most importantly, I strive to make piano lessons a positive, fulfilling, and enriching experience.

December 2022 Studio Recital