Required Materials


Students and parents are expected to purchase or provide their own repertoire and method books. For beginners, I recommend Faber Piano Adventures or Piano Safari.

When students graduate from method books, I like to continue with the Royal Conservatory of Music Repertoire and Etude books. I went through the Royal Conservatory program myself and highly recommend their curriculum for providing a well-rounded, effectively sequenced musical experience.

Even if Royal Conservatory books are not purchased for use in lessons, I will still follow a sequence of repertoire difficulty, ear training and sight reading exercises, and technique that align with their syllabus, which can be found here:

Sight reading, ear training, and theory books are also recommended. We will discuss which books will be right for you on the first lesson of the year.

Other materials:

Each student is expected to have a metronome in their home to assist in their practicing. There are many free apps that can serve this purpose. Students should also bring a notebook to each lesson, and should have an acoustic piano to practice on at home. While there are high quality electric pianos available, students develop stronger technique and tone control when they practice consistently on an acoustic instrument.