Performances and Projects


There will be two studio recitals held during the school year (usually in December and May). Every student will be expected to attend and perform, and I will do my best to choose a time that accommodates the most people.

We will also discuss potential festivals, competitions, and exams for students at the beginning of the year. I highly encourage participation in at least two of these additional events per year. Such goals provide great opportunities to practice performing, and are wonderful sources of motivation.

Some of these additional performance opportunities include:

If students are following Royal Conservatory or AIM performance exam requirements for any level, I also highly encourage them to give a solo recital of their prepared repertoire, regardless of whether they register to take the exam.

Studio Projects:

A number of projects will take place in the studio throughout the year, to provide practice incentives and to help students become more well-rounded musicians.

During the school year, students will be given a weekly listening assignment. Students will report the completion of their listening assignment at the beginning of each lesson. Any student who completes the listening list by the spring studio recital will receive a prize.

Other studio projects will be announced year to year. As scheduling and studio numbers allow, group classes will be held on occasion to provide additional performance experience.